Domotica per l’Impresa: Magazzini automatizzati (Area Professionisti)


Duemmegi’s Domino system increases the efficiency of a warehouse, making its management easy, optimized and secure. An automated system immediately allows you to:

Provide “hands-freeaccess control, which permits quicker entry/exit operations from different areas of the warehouse.

Activate the automatic opening of gates to authorized vehicles, allowing the quick handling of goods while saving valuable time.

Activate the lighting and air conditioning systems only in areas occupied by personnel, thus minimizing waste and promoting energy savings and lower operating costs.

Monitor the appropriate operation of the systems at all times and detect any faults or anomalies in real time. The system can immediately send notifications on any malfunctions, fires, and gas leaks to safety officers.

Monitor the security system 24/7 (video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems), thanks to Domino’s ability to integrate third-party systems.

Complete automation of processes combined with optimization of consumption and reduction of waste results in a more environmentally sustainable infrastructure. Green warehouses are a smart and market-competitive choice.

Duemmegi can design and implement customized domotic solutions to meet any need. A domotic system for warehouses is a smart and “green” solution for everyone involved in the design and management of these types of facilities.