Smart Automation for the company: automated sports fields (Professional Area)

Domotic Systems for Sports (Padel, Soccer Fields, Tennis Courts...)

Comfort and efficiency are two of the benefits of the automated management of a sports facility. Duemmegi’s Domino system allows domotic control of soccer fields, tennis courts, padel courts and gyms in a simple and intuitive way. This makes it possible to optimize consumption, promoting a pleasant user experience and building customer loyalty with a guaranteed economic return.

Equipping a sports facility with a domotic system is the key to:

Automating temperature, lighting and water heating in the locker rooms. This allows the facilities to be activated only when the playing fields are in use, while they will be automatically set to “eco” mode when these are not being used.

Video-monitoring the entire sports facility and/or sensitive areas and controlling the access detection system.

Integration with other Duemmegi systems make it possible to:

Manage user and employee access to various areas (reception, playgrounds, locker rooms, showers). You can also connect the membership management system and the reservation system.

Create a remotely operated virtual reception desk.

In other words, all systems can be integrated into one control panel and can be easily controlled remotely.

These features provide excellent benefits when it comes to operating costs by optimizing system operation (air conditioning, electricity, etc.) and reducing waste. The result is a modern, comfortable, competitive, and safe sports facility.