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Smart Switches

A smart switch is your command dashboard. You can control your home automation system with a simple touch. Duemmegi iGlass smart switches are fully customizable and equipped with touch technology. The glass finish makes them discreet and elegant.

Touch Technology

Glass Finish

Fully Customizable

Duemmegi’s iGlass home automation smart switches enclose your home’s technology in an elegant glass case. Just a light tap of the fingers on the icons is all it takes to adjust the lighting, control the blinds, activate your favorite scenario, or close everything before you leave. No stress, just a piece of technological design to show off on the wall like a small picture, elegant and discreet. The glass smart switch is also highly customizable.

Why the choice of glass as material? Because it is elegant and because it is highly customizable. There are no limits to your imagination or design needs. The rear of the iGlass glass can be printed digitally in high-definition, and since it’s not a silk-screen printing, each slide can be different. That means you don’t have to worry about choosing a single neutral color that fits the décor of every room in the house.

Top Performance and Maximum Flexibility for Your Smart Home

iGlass home automation smart switches ensure premium performance and maximum flexibility through their capacitive touch technology and outstanding proximity sensor sensitivity.

Simply move your hand near the smart switch to activate the backlight and press the desired icon. Icons are also fully customizable. Do you want to design the icons for your smart switch yourself? No problem: just provide us with the vector file and it will be printed the way you want it. Not enough? Duemmegi offers you countless possibilities by printing your smart switch in high-definition colors and textures.

iGlass smart switches for your smart home allow you to customize:



Colors and textures


Acoustic Buzzer

You can have 2, 4 or up to 6 buttons on each smart switch ensuring maximum flexibility together with the highest degree of customization. For example, in the evening the backlight of the smart switch in the bedroom can be turned off automatically while remaining active in the hallway as a nightlight. You can create a different texture for each home environment and use matching sockets… so that everything will be perfectly coordinated.