Soluzioni per la Gestione Domotica dell’Irrigazione del Giardino o del Balcone di Casa con il sistema Domino (Area Professionisti)


Designing and creating a garden or beautifying a terrace with plants and flowers are improvements that dress up your home, increasing value and providing comfort for residents. Managing green areas will no longer be a problem with the smart automatic irrigation system offered by Duemmegi.

In fact, the system allows the user to set the time of day to initiate watering. Compared to traditional controllers, however, it can also be equipped with a small weather station that can detect sunlight, rainfall and wind, stopping irrigation when it is not needed and contributing to water conservation while avoiding unpleasant puddling. Home automation irrigation is extremely popular and is among those daily activities that can be simplified and optimized in a smart home.

Worry-Free Planters and Lush Gardens with the Duemmegi Home Automation Irrigation System

Duemmegi’s home automation irrigation system allows for optimal management of watering operations, thanks to the ability to regulate irrigation:

Based on actual weather conditions, avoiding or reducing unnecessary watering.

Based on the actual time of sunrise and sunset. Watering at dawn is best because the water temperature is similar to that of the plants, thus preventing temperature shock and overheating from exposure to the sun. Between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. wind is usually at its calmest, which reduces evaporation and optimizes water consumption. Finally, water pressure is higher at dawn than at other times of the day.

Remotely using PC/Laptops, smartphones and tablets connected to the Internet.

Programming a home automation irrigation system is highly flexible, and this is an additional advantage along with the ability to configure schedules not only by day and time, but also by watering zone. This will satisfy those who want a garden with different varieties of plants requiring diverse care.