Soluzioni per la Gestione Domotica dell’Energia di Casa con il sistema Domino (Area Professionisti)

Energy Savings

Duemmegi has been developing home automation systems for energy saving since 1992.

The load control allows the power employed in your single-phase electrical system to be managed, avoiding the intervention of the counter protection due to the simultaneous activation of a number of excessive loads (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.).

Load and consumption control of an implant

The system keeps the power used by the system constantly under control, and if the value exceeds the threshold set during installation, it will begin disconnecting the loads in sequence until the total power is beneath the set threshold.

Consumption control and energy saving can be carried out by independently managing the temperature in every single area of the house, programming the turning on of lights and the time at which they are automatically turned off, or through a weather station, using the watering system only when necessary.