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Sensore di Luminosità con 2 IN digitali - MODLC - cod. 01072/LC - Contatto


Cod. Prodotto: 01072/LC Categories , Tags ,

New version performing 2 ON-OFF inputs. ModLC module allows to transmit, over the Contatto bus, the ambient brightness; in addition, this module provides a PID algorithm for the automatic regulation of the ambient brightness and some SMART modes allowing to considerably simplify the programming of the MCP controller when realizing these kinds of applications. The module also provides two generic digital inputs (ON/OFF with NO/NC setting) for connecting the local command pushbuttons; one of these inputs can be set for connecting one or more occupancy sensors. ModLC module can thus be well applied in the brightness regulation of offices, stores and open spaces, allowing to develop applications complying with the new European norms about the energetic classification of the plants (European Norm EN 15232).

Download – MODLC Manual