Offices and Coworking Spaces

What are the benefits of Domino home automation in coworking spaces (Professional Area)

Offices and Coworking Spaces

In offices and coworking environments, Duemmegi’s Domino system can automate a number of useful functions to ensure workstation comfort and monitoring of energy consumption which leads to savings and safety for the overall facility. Specifically, you have the ability to:

Activate a workspace or workstation automatically and only when it’s in use, thus avoiding unnecessary waste.

Balance lighting (mix of natural/artificial) and optimize climate control to ensure maximum energy savings.

Control and regulate access to the facility and restricted areas in a unique and secure way.

Activate pre-set scenarios that facilitate the use of meeting rooms (video projections, business presentations, etc.) and other work environments, helping to make a favorable impression on users. Scenarios can be activated via in-field smart switches field, or remotely and directly from PC/Laptop, smartphone and tablet.

Duemmegi’s domotic system for enterprises also provides integration with:

Google Calendar to activate the workstation only when it is booked and deactivate it when it is unoccupied (a very useful feature for coworking and shared workstation managers).

Third-party video surveillance and access detection systems. Some of the most modern IP cameras can be integrated into the Duemmegi Domino system without impacting the key system functions.