What is a Smart Home system

Quali sono i benefici della Domotica per la casa Domino (Area Professionisti)

What is a Smart Home system

Duemmegi studies and develops smart home systems. We have been doing Home Automation since 1992. Home automation deals with making the electrical and electronic systems of your home interact, to make it more comfortable and safe by optimizing consumption.

Through a smartphone or any other device capable of connecting to the internet, all the functions of your smart home can be managed from anywhere, in total autonomy. Born specifically for home automation, the Domino system is the result of the most advanced technology and experience gained in over twenty years of applications.

Domino means savings, safety, comfort

Imagine an electronic, autonomous and complete system for the management, interaction and development of your home. Imagine it devoted to saving energy, with the ability to limit the consumption of domestic systems; safe, thanks to the use of latest generation technologies; smart, with the ability to be controlled wherever you are, thanks to a smartphone or a tablet.

This system is DOMINO.

Domino first of all guarantees the interactive management, this means that the house will constantly be set according to the customer needs: there will be no waste, unexpected temperature changes or problems of any kind: savings and comfort are guaranteed.

Not only will the house climate be adjustable and manageable, but also its lighting. The house lights, internal and external, will turn on according to preset times, or they can be turned off remotely, creating a unique atmosphere at any time, functional to the needs and against waste of electricity.

To complete the automation of domestic systems, there is the possibility of controlling appliances and the irrigation system directly from mobile devices, wherever you are. Maximum efficiency and comfort, with minimum effort.

With Domino the customer is free to constantly and completely monitor its property, wherever he is. This is thanks to a remotely manageable video surveillance system. For a home that is always safe.