Domotica per l’Impresa: Serre automatizzate (Area Professionisti)

Farms and Greenhouses

Today equipping farms and greenhouses with an automation system is a smart choice with positive results for the future. Domotic solutions can indeed transform a traditional livestock farm or greenhouse into true optimized smart farms. With Duemmegi’s solutions you can:

Automatically control artificial light sources, mimicking and matching natural light sources. This allows the circadian rhythms of the farm or greenhouse to be optimally followed, while maintaining low operating costs.

Automate room temperature and ventilation systems. Controlling ventilation automatically means allowing proper and scheduled air exchange and keeping parameters such as humidity levels, Co2, and carbon monoxide at the correct levels. Operating costs will be reduced, and animal and crop well-being will be ensured.

Automatically control crop irrigation, reducing waste of water resources and adjusting water flow according to actual needs.

Notify workers immediately of any anomalies, failures, or malfunctions of automated equipment.

Schedule lamp maintenance in order to maintain the optimal level of lighting at all times. This is an extremely useful feature in farms and greenhouses, as these are environments where artificial lighting is prevalent, providing savings on both the cost of emergency service and the purchase of spare parts.