Cos’è il sistema Duelux per la Lighting Automation (Area Professionisti)

Duelux: Lighting Automation

Automating a building’s lighting system is an innovative and advantageous choice that provides many benefits. Warehouses, conference rooms, multipurpose halls, auditoriums, monuments, commercial buildings, sports arenas, stores, banks, and offices can achieve full automation of indoor and outdoor lighting and manage it in a flexible, modular, and scalable way. Now, the new DALI-2 standard allows lamps, sensors, and switches to coexist directly on the DALI bus without the need for an additional bus dedicated to device control.

Perfect Lighting with the DALI-2 DUELUX System

Duemmegi’s mission with the DUELUX system is to simplify a lighting control system as much as possible while offering a complete solution based on DALI-2 technology.
Duemmegi’s DUELUX lighting automation system enables the smart, convenient, and easy management of lighting in different rooms, both inside and outside the building.
The DALI-2 system is a significant technological evolution of the DALI standard:

The new version ensures full compatibility with existing DALI devices manufactured according to the first version of the standard.

A “multi-master” architecture has been introduced, allowing multiple master devices in a DALI system capable of sending messages.

New functional standards related to control devices (switches, sensors, etc.) have been defined.

The list of DALI commands has been further expanded with several new features.

The functionalities implemented by lighting devices have been further expanded with the development of a new and innovative Device Type.

In addition to being a cost-effective solution, it is quick to install and can be integrated with a building automation system. This results in a complete automation system able to manage all building equipment, with an efficient architecture that is more streamlined and less expensive than a traditional building automation system.

A DALI-2 lighting automation system allows the following to be connected and controlled:



Switch interfaces

Relay modules

Motor modules

And, as we will see going more in depth, wireless switch interface modules equipped with ENOCEAN technology.

Il risparmio energetico con Duelux e la tecnologia DALI-2 (Area Professionisti)
Illuminazione Smart con Duelux e la tecnologia DALI-2 (Area Professionisti)

Using Light Only Where and When Needed

Centralized control, comfort and energy savings. These are the benefits of a lighting automation system that allows artificial light to be used only where and when it is needed. You can choose the right intensity, set scenarios and lighting effects, while preventing waste and optimizing energy consumption. Choosing a smart lighting system means you will get a state-of-the-art lighting solution, an efficient system and truly exceptional lighting quality.

A facility equipped with a lighting automation system provides the following:

Optimized use of artificial lighting, including detailed analysis of power use within the building.

Significant energy savings.

Turning on, turning off and adjusting lighting intensity with smart sensors.

Indoor lighting with the right mix of natural and artificial light at all times of the day.

Centralized, easy, remote control of the entire system.

Simple, Intuitive, Wireless: Smart Lighting by Duemmegi

Compared to the lighting automation system based on the first version of the DALI protocol, a DALI-2 system can be installed in less time and at a lower cost, both in terms of material and job effort. The result is perfect, not only for new lighting installations, but also in the event of lamp replacement and building renovation. Duemmegi’s DUELUX system can be controlled through a user-friendly graphic interface, including remotely, from any desktop or mobile device with a web browser such as PC/Laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The DLWRX module enables wireless control, allowing up to 4 wireless transmitters with ENOCEAN technology (wireless and battery-less) to be interfaced to the DALI bus. Since each transmitter has 4 switches, every DLWRX module can handle up to 16 commands.

The only connection required for the DLWRX module is the 2-wire DALI bus cable; the power needed to operate the module is supplied directly through the bus.

Duemmegi, backed by its 30 years of experience in smart lighting, is able to offer installers and end users state-of-the-art solutions that can be easily installed, configured, and customized.