Domino: Home Automation System

Cos’è il sistema Domino per la Casa (Area Professionisti)

Domino Home Automation System

With the Domino system devices by Duemmegi it is possible to create a real smart home by taking care of every detail. From HVAC control to automated lighting solutions; from the automation of windows, doors and solar screens, to the power load control to avoid power disconnection. If your property has terraces or gardens, you can creatively design your green areas, since irrigation will not be a problem. Duemmegi’s home automation solutions allow you to automate the watering of lawns, planters and flower beds. So, gardens will be a place to just relax and de-stress. And the well-being of plants will be guaranteed in all weather conditions.

In addition, you can create customized home automation scenarios that can be activated in each room with the help of special smart switches, and which offer remote operation with a simple tap on your smartphone.

Maximum Customization with Duemmegi's Domino Smart Home System

Domotic technology for home and residential buildings gives you the capability to automate and streamline many everyday tasks. For example:

Perfect room temperature for your comfort without waste. With a home automation system, you can adjust temperature and humidity in each room or zone of your home, even remotely using a PC/Laptop, smartphone or tablet. That means you’ll be able to enjoy the ideal temperature and a large reduction in waste due to non-optimized temperature control and air conditioning systems. Energy savings are guaranteed.

Optimal lighting. No surprises in your electricity bill with a home automation system. You can automate the lighting of each home environment, customizing it according to customer preferences and needs. Artificial lights can be dimmed and adjusted according to the amount of natural light from outside and combined with the automatic adjustment of blinds and shutters.

Unlimited customization. With a home automation system, you can set and recall different scenarios with a simple touch on the connected smart switches or remotely through PC/Laptops, smartphones and tablets. This allows users to recreate an atmosphere without having to set it manually each time. Home theater, music and anything else will always be at your fingertips. The home automation control dashboard of the system features fully customizable switches, colors, and textures. The glass finish of Duemmegi smart switches makes them stylish and discreet, and equipped with touch technology.

L’Impianto Tradizionale rispetto a uno Domotico (Area Professionisti)
La Domotica per la Casa rispetto ad un Impianto Tradizionale (Area Professionisti)

Smart, Sustainable and Safe Homes with Duemmegi's Domino System

Duemmegi’s Domino system is a solution with a potentially unlimited number of functions, ideal for those who wish to design and create a smart home. Domino is based on bus technology which offers a number of significant advantages:

Simplified wiring.

Reduced installation time and cost compared to traditional automation systems.

The ability to implement and modify an almost unlimited number of functions without any physical intervention on the circuits since the “connection” is only at the programming level.

The ability to integrate with other systems, such as anti-intrusion, video surveillance systems and the activation of specific scenarios in the case of a break-in.

Remote control of all system functions.

Distributed logic that ensures the continuous system operation in the event of a module failure.

Accurate system self-diagnostics.

All of these features make Duemmegi’s Domino system a perfect choice for creating smart homes. Living in a smart home means living in a comfortable and safe environment that is sustainable with regard to energy efficiency and can be controlled remotely as well. The result? Enhanced home life with improved indoor comfort and greater well-being.