Domino: Business Automation

Cos’è il sistema Domino per l’Impresa (Area Professionisti)

Domotics for businesses with Domino

With the Duemmegi Domino system it is possible to automate many functions within companies and businesses. You can provide the appropriate comfort in any working environment while monitoring consumption and minimizing waste to create a comfortable, sustainable and market-competitive building.

Duemmegi's Domino System for a Cutting-Edge Enterprise

A smart company relies on a domotic system to automate, control, and optimize a number of everyday functions. A smart building, in fact, ensures comfort in any working environment and consistently guarantees:

The appropriate temperature level provided by heating, cooling, and air treatment systems, with the capability of integrating temperature and humidity probes for climate optimization.

The correct lighting level with a combination of presence and light sensors. You can also adjust the artificial light source according to circadian cycles, recognized for having positive effects on employee well-being and productivity.

Appropriate solar screens to achieve adequate light levels inside rooms and mitigate solar diffusion, implementing the so-called summer energy savings.

All of this immediately translates into a significant reduction of waste, allowing the enterprise to operate more efficiently. EN 15232 standard estimates savings of up to 36% in power and up to 54% in temperature control energy, without affecting work environment comfort.

In addition to these advantages, Duemmegi’s Domino system offers other benefits for creating smart buildings. Domotics for enterprises allows you to:

Control all systems remotely (via PC/Laptops, smartphones and tablets connected to the Internet).

Increase building safety through automatic monitoring of safety systems and sensors installed to detect fire or gas leaks.

Integrate the system with third-party components (e.g., video surveillance and access detection systems) in order to ensure greater building security.

Monitor power consumption for optimal management of electricity and air conditioning systems in workplaces. The ability to schedule maintenance work on facilities provides an additional economic benefit, which helps companies comply with environmental sustainability policies without causing inconvenience and inefficiency for employees and customers.

Why to choose a Smart Automation system for a company (Professional Area)
Smart Domotics for a Company compared to a Traditional System (Professional Area)

Why Duemmegi's Domino System Is the Ideal Solution

Duemmegi’s Domino system is based on bus technology which, unlike a traditional automation system, offers many advantages. The simplified wiring reduces the time and cost required for installation.

The distributed logic of the Domino system also allows the system to continue to operate in the event of a module failure. In addition, self-diagnostics enables an accurate indication of anomalies and malfunctions, simplifying troubleshooting.

Remote control of the system, both of individual functions and of overall operations, makes the Duemmegi domotic system for enterprises extremely easy to use.

Finally, thanks to the bus features, these automation systems allow an almost unlimited number of functions to be changed and new ones to be implemented as the company requirements evolve. Any change or expansion of functions does not require physical intervention of the circuits since the association between different automation devices is only at the programming level.

Duemmegi is the ideal partner for implementing a domotic system for your enterprise. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we can design fully customizable solutions to meet the automation needs of any business environments. Duemmegi is an ISO-9001 certified Italian company and provides reliable, safe and 100% made in Italy products.