Domotica per l’Impresa: Soluzioni su Misura (Area Professionisti)

Customized Solutions

Duemmegi, with over 30 years of experience in home and building automation, can design customized solutions to meet any automation need. Duemmegi’s Domino system uses bus technology which provides a number of benefits.

Simplified wiring, minimized installation costs and reduced assembly time compared to a traditional automation system.

Integration with third-party systems.

Remote control of all system functions.

Distributed logic that allows continuous system operation in the event of a module failure.

The ability to implement and modify an almost unlimited number of functions without any intervention in the circuits, since the association between different domotic devices is only at the programming level.

The flexibilityof the system, combined with the opportunity, if required, of aesthetic customization, makes Duemmegi’s domotic systems the ideal solution for designing real smart buildings, optimizing operating costs, increasing comfort and greatly reducing waste while improving sustainability efforts and personal safety .