Contatto: Building Automation

Cos’è il sistema Contatto per la Building Automation (Area Professionisti)

Contatto: Building Automation

Duemmegi’s Contatto system is designed to provide a comprehensive, efficient and high-comfort building automation solution. The Contatto system enables the smart control of lighting and optimal energy management of a building, allowing the efficient use of renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic, solar, and geothermal energy.

Through an accurate consumption analysis combined with proper energy and lighting management, you can achieve significant savings, reducing operating costs and promoting sustainability. Moreover, the benefits of automation can improve the energy class of the building, resulting in considerable savings and more valuable assets.

Automated, Comfortable and Efficient Buildings

Building automation systems are electronic operating and control systems for buildings that enable the automatic management of:

Electrical systems (lighting, motors and monitoring of electrical distribution).

Thermal systems (cooling, heating, and air treatment).

Solar screens (sunscreens, indoor/outdoor shades, etc.).

Energy monitoring of the building, with reporting capabilities to optimize power and thermal energy consumption and to schedule preventive maintenance activities.

Safety systems (building safety & security, including integration of third-party systems).

Access control, including access to restricted areas of the building which allows people to move independently according to their role within the facility.

These systems are interconnected and grouped into a single command and supervision dashboard, the Webcon BMS (Building Management System).

Webcon is a centralized supervisory software installed on a dedicated server with a built-in user-friendly web interface that can also be controlled remotely from any device running a web browser, such as PC/Laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

The main benefit of a building automation system is increased comfort within the building. An automated temperature control system combined with a perfectly calibrated natural/artificial lighting system contributes significantly to energy savings while creating a comfortable environment for its occupants.

The energy savings resulting from the use of a building automation system are significant. According to the European Standard EN15232, buildings for non-residential use can save more than 50% in electrical energy (figure referring to Reading Rooms) and up to 62% in energy for heating/cooling the facility (figure referring to Malls).

Il BMS (Building Management System) Duemmegi per la building Automation (Area Professionisti)
Perché scegliere il sistema Contatto per la Building Automation (Area Professionisti)

Duemmegi's Contatto System

Duemmegi’s building automation solution consists of two interconnected components: the bus system and Webcon, Duemmegi’s innovative supervisory Building Management System (BMS). The Contatto system allows for very complex installations that can be managed remotely via a user-friendly graphic interface.

Duemmegi’s Contatto system is a bus system consisting of several modules with each module designed for a specific function. All modules are managed by an MCP programmable controller. The modules are interconnected via a 4-wire bus and can use any topology: star, tree, ring, linear.

The typical architecture of a building automation infrastructure consists of three layers:

The first level, called “field”, consisting of the set of sensors/actuators for each device.

The second level, called intermediate or “automation” level, which controls the sensors/actuators in a coordinated way through automation devices.

The third, so-called upper or “management” level, where the operation of each system is supervised and controlled.

The advantages of using Duemmegi’s Contatto bus system are indisputable. In addition to having a Web server with an advanced interface, the system is redundant to prevent data loss, and the communication is asynchronous to avoid a continuously active connection. Any changes can also be made remotely and while the system is running. 

Control activities can also be carried out remotely to reduce maintenance costs. With Duemmegi’s Contatto system, you can design very complex and expandable installations. The MODBUS TCP/IP (or MODBUS RTU) protocol built into the MCP controllers allows interfacing with most control and supervisory systems available on the market.

Because of its modular systems, Duemmegi can provide the ideal solution for automating your facility.