Il vantaggio di un controllo accessi automatizzato Duemmegi (Area Professionisti)

Access Control

Duemmegi provides a number of customizable access control solutions. Shopping malls, banks, offices, infrastructures, sport facilities, and hospitals can leverage the benefits of an automated access control system, whether they be generic access gates to the facility or restricted areas for specific users.

The Advantage of an Automated Access Control System

In a nonresidential facility, the ability to provide a “smart” access flow through an automated control system is one of the main benefits of domotics, which guarantees security.

The access management solutions offered by Duemmegi are many and suitable for every need. Choosing an automation system is of paramount importance because it allows flexibility of movement within the facility according to user roles. It ensures immediate access to suppliers and employees, with unique identification and selective, modulated entrances. Access management is synonymous with efficiency and greatly enhances the security of any environment.

The innovative BMS supervisory platform developed by Duemmegi provides access control in all nonresidential buildings through:

A state-of-the-art, user-friendly web interface.

Remote control of the system, resulting in a reduction of operating costs.

The ability to make changes remotely even when the system is running.

Access Control Solutions for every need (Professional Area)
The BMS by Duemmegi guarantees access control (Professional Area) Milan

Duemmegi's Solutions for Access Management

Different solutions for access automation can be implemented depending on the type of facility, its intended use, and the users who access it. In fact, not all facilities have the same needs in terms of controlling incoming and outgoing traffic flows. Duemmegi provides several solutions which can address different needs.

For office buildings, universities, and infrastructure, a traditional badge access management system is a good choice. The badge uniquely identifies the employees (or visitors) and enables their access to different areas of the facility depending on their permissions. Freedom of movement and privacy for each user as well as internal security are guaranteed. Restricted areas will always be prohibited to non-authorized personnel. The authorization for access can be:

Permanent (managers, employees).

Time-enabled (e.g., building maintenance and cleaning services).

Temporary (e.g., for visitors).

For hospitality facilities there are three different types of access management available:

HOTELS – Traditional badge system for facility automation with access and room-service control. This is the conventional system already available in many hotels, even small ones.

HOTELS and B&Bs – “Get-Access for Hospitality” is a complete automation solution with remote reception and integrated business management systems. Access is granted via mobile phone or, in case of emergency, using a QR code. Remote reception makes it easy to manage self guest check-in and check-out, as well as the reservation process.

B&Bs – A system designed to manage an accommodation facility remotely. Equipped with an Internet-accessible console to create access credentials (with expiration dates), the system allows guests to enter the facility independently using numeric keypads or QR code readers (without an integrated PMS management system).

Duemmegi, backed by its 30 years of direct on-field experience, can implement access control systems that are easy to manage, remotely controllable, and customizable to fit the customer needs and the intended use of the facility.