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Domotics for your Smart Home and Smart Company. Domino is the result of the most advanced technology.

Designed for Building Automation, it is a complete and reliable system result of 30 years of experiance.

Lighting Automation system based on standard DALI-2 protocol, huge evolution of the first DALI protocol.

Products with different technologies aimed to meet the most varied needs in the hospitality.

Products for the management and control of accesses in internal and / or external areas.

Areas of Use

Solutions for Professionals

Domino makes it possible to create a true home automation system, regardless of size and complexity. Duemmegi designs and manufactures their own devices to meet the specific requirements of customers. From controlling lights, shutters, and temperature via smartphones to the most advanced integrated solutions.

The Domino system also offers comprehensive solutions for business sites automation. Domino helps reduce waste and improve energy savings, monitor operating costs, comfort and safety in working environments, and of course: all this controlled remotely using PC/Laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Duemmegi is your ideal partner for designing and implementing a building automation system. The Contatto system, powered by its state-of-the-art technological features, allows you to create a smart building by providing maximized performance and a fully interactive management of facilities, supervised through a BMS.

DUELUX is the Duemmegi system based on the standard DALI-2 protocol. It specifically addresses the light area, but unlike the first DALI protocol, it allows lamps and devices – such as sensors, switches and more – to coexist on the same bus. The DUELUX system is scalable and adaptable to any type of building.

Duemmegi develops solutions for the automation of hospitality facilities. From the small B&B to large hotel chains, whether the need is for a classic badge solution or a modern reception-less facility, Duemmegi systems can meet every need by providing the guest with a high degree of autonomy and a state-of-the-art guest experience.

Duemmegi offers a wide range of access control solutions, through badges, numeric codes, QR code readers or smartphones. No matter what the intended use, many buildings today need to install an access control system. From warehouses, offices, gyms, paddle courts, tennis clubs, football and soccer fields to hotels and B&Bs.

Experience and Competence at Your Service

Through a diverse and continuously updated product offering, we meet the needs of our professional partners.

Our experience enables us to guide you in choosing the devices that best meet your client’s functional, aesthetic and budget requirements.

We offer the following services to our partners:

Customer Support, Training, Distribution Network, Technical Assistance, Free Quotations


Made in Italy

Designed and manufactured in Italy

Italian Company

ISO-9001 Certified
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With 30 years of experience in home and building automation, and the expertise to develop highly integrated and customizable solutions, Duemmegi is a reliable and knowledgeable partner for electricians, installers, architects, and designers.

We can provide assistance in commissioning activities, both residential and industrial, with our own on-site personnel. Or you can request assistance for feasibility studies and solution optimization.

Duemmegi succeeds in combining knowledge, aesthetics and new technologies through simple and efficient management of systems and equipment.

We strongly believe in personal and professional training by offering our employees a path for development and growth.


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Solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) are increasingly making their mark on the market, paving the way for countless new opportunities.

Duemmegi is your one-stop-shop for your everyday needs.


Duemmegi stands for reliability and quality: only 0.1% of products have been repaired under warranty in the past 6 years.

Duemmegi is a certified company…

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Customer Focus

We work hard every day to fully meet our customers’ needs at every on-site visit and service delivery.

Quality of Service

We offer a simple but powerful system that is recognized by all of our customers as a premium product that offers superior service.


We quickly respond to change by staying ahead of the curve through continuous investment in research and development.


Our success is the result of the combined skills and contributions of all employees.

Duemmegi is the ideal partner for the design and implementation of complete solutions for home and building automation. Duemmegi's Domino, Contatto, and DUELUX systems enable the automation of homes, hotel facilities, office buildings, and malls. In addition, the advantages of automation can also be successfully applied in the industrial and service sectors, school buildings and sports centers, nursing homes and hospitals, banks, warehouses, and even in historical buildings and monuments.

All the solutions offered by Duemmegi are highly customizable, open to integration with third-party systems (such as safety & security systems) and can also be expanded at later stages to meet customer needs.

Duemmegi provides free weekly courses of all levels at its Milan headquarters to empower its customers to be independent when programming its entire product line:

  • Domino
  • Contatto
  • Duelux
  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • Access Control

To meet a wide range of needs, the Duemmegi technical staff also holds training courses at other sites upon request.

All courses are taught by specialized technical personnel who, thanks to their wide and practical experience, are best able to successfully convey the skills needed to program the Duemmegi systems.

You can request the system programming can be performed by Duemmegi technical personnel, even though our company strongly believes in the autonomy of its customers.

Attending a training course at the Duemmegi Academy means investing in yourself, increasing your skills and gaining independence geared to maximizing profits, without sacrificing the company's technical support when necessary. Duemmegi is always on your side.

An essential feature to the success of creating the leading product on the market is to use reliable technology that is easy to install and maintain, with extensive integration capabilities with other systems.

Duemmegi offers a wide range of products with outstanding technological capabilities, and our bus systems can easily and effectively accomplish any required control functions.

Duemmegi is an Italian ISO-9001 certified company that designs and manufactures its components and software for state-of-the-art home and building automation systems, which is proud to be one of the few single-product companies.

With over 30 years of experience gained on field, Duemmegi is a guarantee of quality for all smart home and smart building projects. Trusting a reputable company with more than 80.000 projects already completed is a winning move for any design and installation professionals. With millions of products sold and only 0.1% repaired under warranty in the past 6 years, Duemmegi is committed to continuing its work of achieving the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

All our catalog products are manufactured with a focus on reliability, ease of installation and maintenance, while maintaining a high level of integration capability with other systems.

Our dynamic and flexible structure is aligned not only to the production and sale of components, but also to customer support through a dedicated technical department offering both service value and application development support.

We can provide assistance in commissioning activities, both residential and industrial, with our own on-site personnel. We can also assist with feasibility studies and solution optimization.

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